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The garden can be over looked through the winter. Seen as a less active and inspiring place to be, cold, wet, muddy not at all enticing or inviting. As a passionate gardener I still have to get outside throughout the winter and despite feeling the cold will faithfully work in my vegetable garden every Sunday morning. Only snow, frost or unforeseen events pull me away. I can always find winter tasks to do and the time outside in fresh air energises me. In addition it is great exercise and once wrapped up it is a great place to be.

Winter Seed Heads, Ferns & Berries

Elements that always surprise me include once one is outside and immersed in winter gardening how time just passes so quickly. There can be discoveries that one can make, such as unexpected buds or sprouting bulbs immerging early, the busyness of birds, bird song and activities of other creatures. Colours, tone and textures of the winter garden. I like to see the fading colours of the summer season. Experience up-close how nature transforms through a life cycle, from emergence, budding, blossoming, the flowering and exuberant stage and retreating towards winter. With all the gorgeous richness of the fall. I always leave my perennial border to fade through these stages, leaving cover and foraging for birds and creatures. Droplets of dew, rain and frost can be enchanting upon the old perennial form. Snow frosting adds another dimension.

Woodland Bracken, Heather & Ornamental Grasses

If you do not have a garden, it is a tiny space with not enough winter tasks or you are a home owner who leaves all the gardening to your gardeners. Then it is time to go for a walk in nature, a woodland, through a heath or common, a garden open to the public or through your rambling country estate. There are lots of options whether you are a city or country dweller. Even in cities such as London there are plenty of open spaces, parks, architectural streets all of which I consider the landscape.

So get wrapped up and outdoors.
You will not regret this outdoor wintry expedition.

Enjoy Laara