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I hear people say `Oh my garden is only tiny` or  `I don’t think you could do much with my small garden`

My view is size is a perception of space. Small or large it is all important with potential and the smallest garden can be enchanting or a peaceful haven to enjoy. When one looks at the larger picture of gardens and what they are created off all are made up of compositions, views, snippets, mini-compositions and even micro-compositions.

A large and very grand garden is often a creation of smaller, dissected spaces which flow together as one. And so the small garden or tiny garden is also a creation of compositions, a view from a window, a seating spot, a snippet as one passes by a doorway.

Any space is valid and if it is a part of your living experience deserve thought of how to create the most out of it, whether it is on a practical or aesthetic level or both sides of the story.

With compositions in mind one can give though to `how do I experience the out-door space, whether big or small.

Where do I see the garden from ?
Are there key views from windows, a living-dining area or an open plan space ?
Does the garden directly connect to the house ?  Or is this a key element to create a connection.
How do I use the garden and are there potential seating spaces, however tiny and what will this give as a view ?
Is the garden seen from upstairs, a side pathway ?

You may in this garden pondering discover you sit in a seat internally and have a regular view into the garden which you had not considered or even realised before.

Any of these questions give pause for thought on the possibilities of creating a composition or mini composition. Keeping in mind these are only the beginning of questions to be considered if one is redesigning the garden.

With thought and creative vision even the smallest, presently insignificant corner which is perhaps viewed from a study or home office can be transformed into a calm mini oasis to view as you attend to your daily dealings.

So I would advise you to dream a little bigger even if you only have a tiny garden space to play with. It is amazing what can be created from very little.

Until next time