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Seed heads, silhouettes, frosted combinations, the winter lightness and sky light contrasts create that special essence in the garden. With the view to allowing your borders to meld into the winter months. Experiment to experience winter foliage which one may generally cut to the ground. Allow the ornamental grasses to mellow, fading to oranges, bronzes, pale lemons, golden hues then to prairie shades of dried grass. Still they will sway in the breeze and whistle their song as wintry winds bluster through the garden. 

The low winter sun, casting contrasts through a garden space as it moves closer to the planet is atmospheric and can be ethereal with misty light as it rises and moves into the evening. A time to watch the sunlight in your garden and to plan how to add a wintry dimension.

The wonder forms glittering in the sun

Shades, shape, forms to always seen through the summer with more blousy flowers, lush green growth. 

Becoming accustomed to a winter garden will open another door to the gardener to enjoy and present a new expanse of what one can create with nature.

Enjoy your winter experience