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An element that can be forgotten in the scheme of planning a garden. Yet if the scheme is to have perennial borders this is a great opportunity to include flowering plants which will give seed heads later in the season. Many seed heads will remain throughout the autumn and into winter. Although the decaying flower may cast the seed the formed seed head can still retain its glory.

One of the beauties of flowers is the complete transformation one witnesses through the evolving seasons. If one looks the changes from flower bud to flower is often a fascinating process, as is the process of the flower to a seed head. Seed heads in their life time can change too from shape, form and tightly closed seed to a structure which allows the seeds to be naturally sown into the natural environment. A cycle worthy of attention, especially if you are passionate for gardens.    

Colour tones can enrich the winter garden, frosted seed heads and snow topped plant form can look enchanting.Hints of a sugar frosting.

Colour tones can transmute from faded flower tones and greens to pale browns, russets, earthy browns and bronze, toffee shades to silvery shades. As they dry many seed heads outer shell will become finer and finer, weathered by wintery cool days until they become translucent. The translucent skins give hints of the inner seeds.

When creating a perennial border with flowers which offer wintery seed heads you will be thanked by many creatures in the environment. Especially if you allow your borders to `weather` into the new year before cutting back to the ground. The birds will forage for seeds and they will be an important part of their diet during the cold seasons. The perennials will offer nesting material and hibernating locations for many other creatures of the garden.

Once you embrace this approach you will experience far more value from your garden the entire year.

Enjoy your winter garden