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Garden and Landscape Design by Laara Copley-Smith

The Kitchen Garden

A ‘Kitchen Garden’ adds another dimension to a garden, aesthetically and environmentally with the potential to produce beautiful, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Often with the combination of herbs, seasonal produce and fruit which can be complimented by companion planting and flowers.

The kitchen garden can take many diverse forms from a ‘traditional and formal’ layout to a more ‘organic and fluid scheme’. With the flexibility to be designated a specific, separate space within the overall garden or be more informally integrated through the garden.

Whichever way the ‘Kitchen Garden’ can be designed to cohesively integrate with the overall garden to suit the individual life style of the client.

As a vegetable and fruit enthusiast, having experienced the fulfillment of growing organic produce for over 10 years, I can work with you to develop the ‘Kitchen Garden’ concept to suit your requirements and garden.

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