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Garden and Landscape Design by Laara Copley-Smith

Planning, Specifications & Construction drawings

Planning Permission / Highways / conservation

Details and works that involve the Authorities can be undertaken. Including planning drawings, planting specifications, planting schedules. The authorities may be planning, conservation, heritage departments and private residence associations.

Pre-Planning & Consultation

Planning applications for redevelopment can be supported and enhanced by a professional landscape plan. This may include: Schematic drawings, consultation with the planners and full drawings required for planning.

Specification & Construction Drawings

Specification and Construction Drawing / Details maybe required to support the Design.
This element enables the Design to be fully interpreted and conveyed to Contractors, Fabricators and suppliers. These maybe both written and illustrated details. These maybe written and illustrated details or in concept form.

Planning permission: Is It Required ?

It is advised for one to check if you required any form of planning for exterior works within the garden and landscape. Planning procedures for development works often include the exterior and garden space. This does include projects ranging from specific boroughs in London such as St.Johns Wood, Hampstead, conservation and heritage locations, newbuilds and major renovations to listed properties & properties within the curtilage of a Listed Building.