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Garden and Landscape Design by Laara Copley-Smith

Artist Impressions & Colour Work

Depending upon the scale of the project and the individual Clients, Artists impression & Colour work may be required.
Artist impressions and elevations can be presented to support the `Out-Line` Design.
These may be utilized within `Concept` meetings, especially during a large and /or complex project. These drawings have the capacity to `bridge the gap` of reading a `Flat Plan` view of a garden.

The colour work is extremely useful to` illuminate` the way, supporting the client in visually understanding the design. This element is flexible concerning the degree of works involved. In some cases, just a subtle addition of colour to a plan can bring a clearer view and interpretation of the design..

As the Designer, I will have lived and moved through the garden space many times. To the point where I can see the design in it’s `form` in my minds eye.
The above elements have the capacity to bring greater clarity and sight of the design to the Client.