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Garden and Landscape Design by Laara Copley-Smith

Outline Design

An 'Outline Design' is the Master Plan of the Garden.

A 'To-Scale' drawing that details the Spatial Outline Design. Indicating essential details such as hard and soft landscaping. Including terraces, pathways, walling, reception space and entrances to the property, garden buildings and water features, etc.

All of the important elements.

Material proposals will be detailed.

A concept proposal for a lighting design can be indicated.

Soft landscaping: Hedging, sculptural/clipped form, deciduous and evergreen specimens and perennial planting will be indicated.

This drawing will be a 'Working Drawing' that tells the story.

It will also be a drawing that is utilised by the Landscape Contractors.
Depending upon the scale of the project further detailing plans may be required.