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Garden and Landscape Design by Laara Copley-Smith

Garden Coaching

Garden Coaching is ideal for those who wish to create the garden themselves yet need direction of how to do this. Garden Coaching can allow you to learn new skills and evolve during the process. It will teach you to avoid potential problems and how to care for your garden and encourage it to thrive.  A Coach will work alongside you bringing an individual connection to your garden to activities and tasks you may wish to undertake but are not sure how to.

Possible scenarios for Creative Consultancy or Garden Coaching may include:

  • You are redeveloping the property and have specific garden details you need to address. A garden design ‘concept’ and direction may need to be created so a clear view of potential works can be decided.
  • You have a mature, overgrown, out of shape garden and want to begin to reshape and renovate the space. You are not sure where to start or what potential the existing plants could have within a new planting scheme.
  • You have specific spaces which you would like to plant or want to reshape a border and feel you do not require a complete ‘Planting Plan’. Yet a professional creative consultancy would enable a simple plan to be formed of how to move forward in a constructive capacity with a clear direction.
  • You would like to ‘Grow your Own’ and to develop a ‘Kitchen Garden’ space with in your garden.  You wish this to be aesthetically and practically planned to work within the existing garden
  • You need a professional & creative eye as to how to ‘ Reclaim & Renovate ‘ the garden space. Yet you want to be the ‘Gardener’ who is learning as you work in your garden.

Creative Consultancy and Garden Coaching

Will be tailored to your individual requirements.

My approach is flexible. The consultancy can be singular or programmed over a length of time.

Both options are Ideal for garden owners who are passionate to create the best from their garden yet have a budget or project which does not require a  ‘Full Comprehensive Design’.

It can be organized to support those who will be working in their own gardens, who need help and advice at certain times during the project.

A meeting can be either ‘Creative Consultancy or Garden Coaching’ or a combination of both and will be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Call me on 01276 507345 or 07947 070454 if you wish to discuss your garden project and find out how Creative Consultancy/Garden Coaching can help you achieve your dream outdoor garden space .

Or contact me via the email on the contacts page


Fees are determined by the length of time spent with you on site, any pre/post meeting preparation, travelling expenses and will be outlined during the initial telephone discussion when you explain the size of your project and any other details to me.