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Garden and Landscape Design by Laara Copley-Smith

Creative Consultancy

"We all aspire to beautiful gardens"

Creative Consultancy offers constructive `Creative Sessions` to explore the potential of your garden. To potentially create a vision and direction of your project, address important decisions to be considered and approach any redevelopment in a practical and creative capacity to make the most of your garden.

During the meeting we will discuss what you wish to create, the process of achieving this, important elements, challenges of the garden and any other topic areas unique to your project and garden.  Depending upon these we can look at creative options, the aesthetics of the garden, materials, planting and any other elements of importance. Simple sketch proposals can be fashioned on site during our discussions.

A consultancy may be for planning, design and planting advice where a full design is not required. It may be for any specific elements where you require creative and professional advice.

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